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    Untuk mengetahui samada kamu ini dahagakan ‘like’ di facebook dengan status status islamik mu, ataupun kamu memang ingin mengajak temanmu kearah kebenaran, cubalah klik di “stop notification” dan lihatlah bagaimana kamu bermujahadah dengannya.

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By: andshefelt.tumblr.com


    By: andshefelt.tumblr.com

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    As the industry of mobile computer continues to expand, we will have more clinical and academic tools to increase our productivity. The following are all of the apps that have made a mark on the transition to mobile medicine and digital education. (Note: All apps currently listed are in the iOS marketplace).

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  5. Lautan pokok kelapa

    Lautan pokok kelapa

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Morning Meadow in Bloom by Doha Sam on Flickr.

Love it


    Morning Meadow in Bloom by Doha Sam on Flickr.

    Love it

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  8. Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring! -Ustaz Kazim Elias.

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